Copyright 2013. Amber Robidoux. All rights reserved.
Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

How does one find their passion? The one thing they were put on this earth to do, to experience, to bring to others.

I spent a weekend surrounded by people who were in their element. They were knowledgeable, spoke through their hearts and it was evident that THIS is what they were put here for.

I have struggled before to find the words for what I lack. Now, I can sum it up in one word.


What I’m missing is passion. The burn that ignites from within and propels you forward. No amount of obstacles would stop me from doing it.

Jumping in feet first is not a weakness of mine, I will dare to try something new. Admitting and changing something immediately that isn’t working is definitely not the problem (my poor husband :)). The problem is I enjoy lots of things but have no passion in any. (Aside from playing the soccer field – that’s when I feel alive! But let’s face it, 33 year olds don’t make a living doing that).

I came across a shadow theater show video and it really got me thinking. These people love what they do, they have passion, and we are moved by it. I burn for that.

It makes me wonder if my capacity for burn isn’t what it should be. Having a passion like that requires a love of something – an emotional attachment – that is so severe you put yourself at risk of failure or rejection from others. It would take a burn so fierce that if someone were to “not understand you,” that would be OK. I would be firmly planted in my passion that no amount of rejection or worry would stop me.

I want to move people. I want to make change. I want to inspire people.

What do you burn for?

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Obstacle Course Racer. Business Owner. Parent and Ordinary Person. Learning to slow down & embrace the wild.


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