The Journey to Finding Something You Love


So this blog is about finding a way to live and love wholeheartedly.  For years I’ve been trying to find that one thing that would make me “what I’m suppose to be.” That one job. That one career. Or hobby. A calling of sorts. The problem with putting all your eggs in one basket is it leaves me feeling like I’m neglecting other bits of myself.

I’m always left feeling like I’m missing something.

In my journey to finding the career of my dreams, I have started [and started and started] over and over again. The rush of beginning something new and the love of the learning curve only leads me down a road that eventually ends. And I’m left looking for the new thing to bring me to my fullest potential.

The only thing about living this way is I’m constantly flowing through a cycle of ups and downs. Thrills and disappointment.

It’s taken me quite awhile to realize that each high and low is bringing me one step closer to “my thing.” Each phase leads to the next and leaves me a little wiser or knowledgable about the future. It feels like nothing is getting accomplished when, really, it is.

For instance, in my effort to find what I am, I have discovered something profound; I have learned what I am not.

  • I love taking photos but joining the paparazzi would be hell for me since I don’t get the thrill of invading people’s privacy.
  • I don’t enjoy repetitive non-thinking tasks. I need stimulation and thrive on learning curves.
  • Setting up a coffee shop or consignment store would be a blast but there’s no way I could sit behind a counter and do nothing.
  • Painting and creative projects excite me but I don’t like the idea of fitting my art into other people’s ideas of “good art” to make a living.
  • I am always up for a challenge but I am not one to crush others to get ahead. Corruption is not my bag.f
  • There is no way I could own a liquor store. Sure it would be lots of money but I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to sell alcohol to someone I know is struggling with it.

I could go on and on. It’s not easy finding that one career that encompasses everything I love – in reality, my career is something I have to create on my own since my ideal job doesn’t exist yet – but learning who I am and what doesn’t fit only brings me closer to what I’m meant to do.

Have you found your calling? Have you answered it? Comment below… I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

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Obstacle Course Racer. Business Owner. Parent and Ordinary Person. Learning to slow down & embrace the wild.

3 thoughts on “The Journey to Finding Something You Love

  1. Amber – this has been a life long struggle for me…starting and stopping, reaching and letting go, hoping and accepting. We don’t have the luxury of ever having a “do-over”…so I’ve learned to take each experience as necessary to keep me going in the right direction. I’m still not sure where that direction will lead – but at the moment the journey is very fulfilling – because of living and learning yoga and the love in my heart for my family as it grows…one grandchild at a time. I still have an “empty place” in my heart to deal with but maybe that is necessary to keep me on the path of “trying to figure it out”…whatever “it'” might end up being.Thank you for giving me the opportunity to reflect…

      1. My challenge is balance two of the yogic principles – aparigraha and santosha – grasping and contentment. 🙂 Happy New Year my friend! Namaste…


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