Pixie cuts aren’t for fat chicks


“Pixie cuts aren’t for fat chicks.” Raise your hand if you believe that.

[Looks around and slowly raises her hand.]

I know the statement above is totally NOT true. I’ve seem some larger women totally rock a pixie haircut. The thing is… the ones I’ve seen – that I’m so in love with – happens to be on women with more delicate features than mine.

The temptation for a big chop happens every time I grow my hair out. And by “grow my hair out” I’m talking 18+ inches. Clearly enough to donate and still have hair longer than my shoulders.

I’ve never had the guts to do it.

My routine is grow it out and donate. Grow it out and donate. But I’ve never gone short-short. Usually a regular, shoulder-length cut will satisfy my pixie craving and then I’m right back in the cycle.

Honesty? A pixie cut just doesn’t seem like something I deserve. I’m too big. And my face is too round. And I’m not someone you’d label as “stylish” or “polished.” Really. Who the hell do I think I am that I could pull off such a cut?

But there’s more to it.

My hair is my security blanket. It’s my invisibility cloak. I realize how absurd this sounds – hair cannot hide fat. Fat is fat and it’s there – no matter how long your hair is or what you wear on your body to cover it. But I’ve realized, I do use it to hide myself.

In a society where large people aren’t considered as beautiful as skinny people, it’s hard to feel comfortable in my own skin. Long hair is largely considered beautiful and mine happens to be full, healthy and fits “society standards.”

So my thought process is this: why in the world would I take away the last thing on my body that’s attractive?

I’ve considered making the pixie cut a goal – OK, a reward – for losing weight. I’ve considered waiting until the mole on my face is removed. Somehow having less hair on my head would make all these other features stand out, right? [Right?] Let’s face it, I don’t want a haircut to accent the things I dislike about myself.

But on the flip side… Cutting it all off would be SO liberating. I mean, think of all the money I’d save on shampoo! I could style it in a variety of ways – all the time. I could pickup something off the floor without going blind. It wouldn’t give me a headache in yoga class.

Heck, I’d probably lose a few pounds!

More importantly, it would be a big F-U to society and what they consider beautiful. Or who they deem worthy enough of their time and conversation. Or who they think is worth attention and love.

Getting rid of my hair might be the key to my undoing… But it just might be exactly what I need.*

*No promises. We’ll see. 🙂

UPDATE: I did it!!!!


Photo credit: pixie-cropped.tumblr.com

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Obstacle Course Racer. Business Owner. Parent and Ordinary Person. Learning to slow down & embrace the wild.

9 thoughts on “Pixie cuts aren’t for fat chicks

    1. I say cut it! I had all the same fears as you as a fat person and it forced me to deal with my preconceived notions about hair and beauty and I am all the better for it now, and it looks so cute! Find someone who specializes in pixie cuts and GO FOR IT! It’ll always grow back 🙂

      1. Thanks! I definitely did go for it… it was nice and eventually it’s grown back. It was very liberating getting out from underneath all that hair!

  1. This article hits straight home for me, I find that I’m struggling with everything you’ve written. Reading articles like these make me feel like I shouldn’t care of what other people think (I still don’t but here’s always that little voice in the back of my mind)… I’m glad I read this it makes me feel more at ease on making the right choice. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for writing, Ruby! I am right there with you. Once I made the “big chop” it opened up other things for me. Sure there were times I missed my long hair, but I think once we start making decisions (no matter how little) based on our own preferences we get stronger. It becomes easier to do it next time. Since this post, I have started wearing a bathing suit again and just this year I’ve been working out in a tank top (in day light). Might be small actions to some but it was a big deal for me. I hope this encourages you to take steps toward your own happiness. Don’t waste anymore time, go for it! 😉


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