You’re an adult. So be an adult.


We all have our days and sometimes it isn’t pretty. But the thing is when children are involved even on your worse days you need to conduct your behavior in a certain way. Flailing wildly can be a scary thing for a tiny person.

Kids see things completely different.

When an adult is speaking younger children can’t grasp full meanings of words, sarcasm and acknowledge what happens to be immaturity on the part of the adult. Their viewpoint is distorted by the limited things they know, what they are learning and even the size of the adult speaking to them.

In case it isn’t obvious young children need to be constantly reminded of things. Please. Thank you. What it means to share. Even older kids need to be reminded of this when they fight over car keys or clothes. It’s constant. If it isn’t one thing it’s another. If it’s not that it’s something else.

That’s just how it is. Deal with it.

As parents we do our best to make corrections and keep them in line but sometimes the kids need to figure things out on their own. Age appropriateness plays a big factor here.

For instance, a 6 year-old may have to learn to settle minor squabbles with a friend whereas a 2 year-old needs constant guidance to not hit and that hair pulling hurts.

Here are some helpful tips:

If you happen to be an “all or nothing” adult it’s best to keep that in check. Constantly pulling the rug out from routine because of a full-grown hissy fit will only breed instability and fear in the wee ones around you.

If you happen to be a name caller and someone who enjoys taunting children who are exhausted and irrational, eventually the small people you taunt – after the confusion and frustration wears away – will be left with hatred and bitterness.

If you happen to be someone who plays unfairly, don’t be fooled into thinking it goes unnoticed. Children miss nothing and you’re only asking for resentment and avoidance.

If you happen to be someone who operates like a loose cannon, seek help. Serious. Get to the root of what ails you and dig it out. Break the cycle before it continues in your own children.

Keep this in mind when speaking to your kids and the little people who happen to belong to someone else. Especially mine. And rein it in.

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