When not caring isn’t enough.


I don’t care.

Just three simple words. So easy to say. So easy to throw around. I’ve been hearing a lot of it lately. People who fling it around because it appears like nothing matters to them.

Fling is such a perfect word for it too since that is the gesture that goes along with this little phrase.  (see photo)

To me, “I don’t care” is the easy way out. It’s a cowards phrase. It’s a way to sneak out the back so you don’t have to be caught actually working for something that is worth it.

Something like family. Or friends.

All too often family turns their backs on each other when it should be the other way around. These are the people who are supposed to love you and go to bat for you. They are the people who outsiders wouldn’t want to mess with so they leave YOU alone.

There’s no denying that personalities clash not everything will be all roses and agreements, but family should be the one that steps forward and says, “I love you anyway.”

Throughout my life there has been a trend of family members signing each other off at the drop of a hat. The teensiest things set them off and it becomes more important to be right than to be a person of character and compassion.

In this busy world that is dripping with selfishness and it’s no wonder people can’t put down their “me-me-me” flag and wave a flag of surrender. The trouble is no one has your back so you have to stick to your own. You have to defend your territory and don’t show weakness. No one has the balls to take off the gloves and say an even shorter phrase, “I’m sorry” or god forbid, “I’m wrong.”

“There’s strength in numbers.”

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

Those words ring so true but I’m afraid the work can’t be lopsided. That just leaves one party exhausted and the other just “not caring.”

Vulnerability might be much harder but has more rewards. 

When we choose to live life fully we are choosing to meet the difficult parts head on – whether it’s with someone else or just within our own being. Eventually a light shines on the dark places of what we’ve been telling ourselves and we begin to see the clearer picture.

It opens us up to real relationships, where nothing is perfect but we don’t care about that.

Photo credit: freedigitalphotos.net

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Obstacle Course Racer. Business Owner. Parent and Ordinary Person. Learning to slow down & embrace the wild.

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