Creating space with spring cleaning!

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Yep. It’s happening. 

My mental roller-coaster is coming to a halt – or at least to a gradual stop. It absolutely has to. Nothing is being gained by constantly stressing over things I cannot control in the present moment. It’s such a waste of energy – especially for things that haven’t happened yet and wondering what the future holds.

Stressing is clearly not the best course of action.

So instead of sounding like a victim and waiting for things to happen to me – I’m choosing to happen to things instead. Over the next few weeks, with my husband on board, we will be cleaning out our vehicles, our living space and our minds. We are going to zone in on clearing the crap. Even if it means one thing a day, like clearing my desk and completing the small tasks that are clogging my mental space.

I think the physical “spring cleaning” will kick-start the mental clear out that needs to happen.

As a multi-passionate person, sometimes having too many options and decisions can be paralyzing. With the wide range possibilities available on any given topic has the ability to give full-blown butterflies but ultimately goes nowhere because there are too many “what ifs.”

What if there’s a better way? What if there something more efficient? What if this is the wrong direction?

What if I fail?

It’s been going on for too long and now I’m reining it in. I’m taking control back. Clearing the clutter is the start. I need to do something physical to get back in my body and out of my head space. I will be streamlining and forcing myself to focus on just a couple of things – some of it is busy work but some of it will be work of the heart.

I need both.

So it’s time to get off this mental ride and put one foot in front of the other.


Photo credit: Me! This is one of my paintings currently for sale. While you’re there feel free to “like” my page. Thanks!

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Obstacle Course Racer. Business Owner. Parent and Ordinary Person. Learning to slow down & embrace the wild.

4 thoughts on “Creating space with spring cleaning!

  1. Such a wise woman! Full attention to the present moment brings awareness and power in our lives….full attention to the past or future brings suffering and anxiety to our life…seems like such an easy choice doesn’t it? Why is it so hard? 🙂 Miss you!


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