Make Your Creative Dreams Real



You may have heard about SARK. She’s an amazing woman who is totally vibrant and inspiring. Among her many books, Make Your Creative Dreams Real, has been hanging out on my shelf for a few years. Yesterday, it basically jumped off the shelf at me while I was looking for another book. I must have purchased it and forgotten all about it.

Anyway, I started reading it and, like her other books, was immediately hooked. It’s good timing really with all the painting I’ve been doing. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want from life and how I can incorporate more *regular* creativity in it. I have a lot of things going on, just like everyone else I’m sure. School, work and sports inhabit regular chunks of my calendar.

I’m finding it’s all the little things that creep onto the schedule that eat up my time and energy. 

So what’s going on? How am I suppose to incorporate creativity into an already busy schedule? The “good on paper” answer is easy: make it a priority. It’s simple to say that out loud but how do I turn that into a reality?

Here’s my plan. 

In SARK’s book, she breaks it down by month and then by week. Each month tackles different challenges and provides advice and inspiration. It’s more than being task oriented and completing different sections. From a distance (since I haven’t actually read the whole book), it looks like a way to dive deep and uncover your creative dreams. And a map of how to make them happen.

So what I plan to do is work through this book over the next 12-months – or however long it takes – and document my progress and setbacks here. I haven’t decided if I will blog about it weekly or monthly or even bi-weekly. I’m sure as the times goes on, I’ll develop a certain cadence to when it feels appropriate to blog without documenting every minor detail. And of course, I’ll continue to write about other things in between updates.

I will include resources and other tidbits found in her book. Each entry will be tagged with “SARKdreams” so you can refer back or filter for posts specific to this project. Comments are always welcome and if you’re feeling the urge to jump on this bandwagon feel free! I’ll scoot over and make some room.

Creative dreams don’t have to be something we put off until later. They can start unfolding now. And I’m about to find out how. 




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