Having a viewpoint or opinion isn’t a horrible thing.

SoID-100264431mehow, in my hectic schedule, I’ve been painting like crazy. And I am loving it.

But painting is not what I want to talk about. In effort to find my “artistic voice” and leaning into who I am, I’ve realized something. Being free-flowing and flexible with my opinions is not exactly a good thing. As a multi-passionate person, I know a lot about a bunch of stuff. This allows me to see various sides of every situation. And if I can argue every side, it get’s complicated when figuring out what I truly think and feel.

I’m not sure I’ve ever stood on hard ground about my opinions. Sure, I have them but more often than not I just let whomever blast off about whatever and I keep my thoughts to myself. (It’s a survival mechanism.)

Unless someone asks for my opinion, I am rarely upfront or pushy with my viewpoint. 

I was reading an article about not playing it safe and speaking up about what you are passionate about. I even read an excerpt from a book that plainly stated: We are all here for a reason. You don’t need to take a stand on every issue, but you must take a stand for something. (I’m paraphrasing.) This was a relief because my personality is “if you don’t like it, change it.” And that can be daunting since there’s a lot of crap wrong with the world.

It took me a minute but I realized there are a few things that get my blood boiling: 

  • Anything to do with animal cruelty can send me into a fit of rage
  • Double standards when it comes to women and men; financially, clothing, advertisements, etc. It makes me crazy.
  • Even mindless attacks and comments about overweight women can send me right into orbit.

I’m not sure it’s possible for a multi-passionate person to decide on just one issue to speak up about (choosing one of anything is almost impossible)… but I’m realizing having opinions and viewpoints will lead me to wholeheartedness. I need to start listening to how I truly feel about issues and situations – and not be afraid to speak up about them.

As I’m “unpacking my bags” with this blog, it’s allowed me to see what I’m made of, what I need to change, and how I’m going to move forward.  And improving myself (and feeling good about it) is an opinion I can be firm about.



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Obstacle Course Racer. Business Owner. Parent and Ordinary Person. Learning to slow down & embrace the wild.

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