Playing it safe is… safe.

ID-10060510I have a tendency to play it safe.

This blog felt like a risk because I wanted it to be a safe space to open up and record my journey to becoming wholehearted. Everyone has judgmental lurkers in their life. Putting myself out there was scary. (Not so much anymore.)

On the flip side, my massage business has been planned and calculated so that should something not work out I could easily get out of it without losing everything. The problem is the risk is low. And low risk things have less of a return.

ABC’s Shark Tank hosts a slew of people with businesses barely surviving. It’s easy to judge and call someone stupid for investing so much time and money on something that is clearly not working. But here’s the thing; they took the chance. And while they probably should have screamed “FAIL!” and moved on sooner, their determination and the guts required to take a plunge into the unknown is admirable.

I’m envious.

I have wild ideas and the guts to take risks (probably more than most) but those risks are still within my comfort zone – so it’s not really a risk for me. I do dabble with risk, but there’s always a backup plan. Every successful person I admire has a story of failure. And failing almost seems like a requirement. One bomb leads to the next “Of course! That’s it.”

How can I want this type of success without being willing to put my neck out there to get it?

This goes along the lines of being agreeable. I’m so flexible in my likes and dislikes so how do I figure out my concrete feelings? Mediocre relationships are all around me, but that’s partially my fault. What it takes to have an opinion and build real relationships is well… risky.

I’m learning that anything of value and worth requires gall to stretch your neck out and lay it on the block… fully knowing it may behead you or show the world what you’re made of. It takes courage.

And that’s what going after your dreams is all about.


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Obstacle Course Racer. Business Owner. Parent and Ordinary Person. Learning to slow down & embrace the wild.


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