How the media tells us we are wrong

As I’ve been contemplating chopping all my hair off for the umpteen-millionth time in my life, it occurs to me that my fear of cutting it all off is hung up on if it’ll look good on my body type. Not if it’s easier to maintain, if it’ll give me less headaches, or stop my husband from pinning me down when he rolls over in the middle of the night.

It’s vanity straight-up with a twist.

I’ve been putting a lot of weight on what my hair represents. I’m sure by cutting it all off will expose me somehow or just look plain horrible. Having hair this thick might need the length to weigh it down and I’m almost certain by cutting it short will turn me into a Chia-Pet or a Troll.

It could happen. Only I wouldn’t go for pink hair. Blue maybe.

I’ve tried to justify cutting it by seeing what’s in style right now. Maybe it’s the thing these days… but of course, if I have to look it up, chances are I’m not fashionable enough to pull it off or have the clothes to back up the style I’m looking for. (See what I did there? I can’t cut my hair because of my clothes now.)

The interesting thing about all this back and forth is I’ve realized how much magazines, movies, advertisements, you-name-it, focus on telling us how much we’re wrong.

Wrong. You’re not skinny enough.

Wrong. You’re not stylish enough.

Your car is wrong and your house is the wrong size.

One year, short boots are in. The next year you have to buy a new pair because tall boots are in and your short boots are wrong.

Then it’s boots with a heel. And boots without. Really?

It’s not a new revelation that we are expected to spend an ungodly amount of energy in keeping up with the Joneses but when it comes to keeping up with fashionable hair… well good luck.

If short hair is “in” you can easily cut it all off and style it up to match your favorite celebrity. But what happens when long hair is IT next year? Um. You can’t demand hair to grow. And there’s no way I’m going out and buying it. So again, short hair would be wrong.

It’s probably easier to say that when it comes to style and trends – I’m very last year. (Except with yoga pants – those are always in.)

I just found out what my face shape was a week ago, I have no idea how to dress for my body type, and my toenail polish is slightly uneven from covering up where the paint chipped off because I run around barefoot all the time. Yeah, safe to say according to fashion industry standards, I’m just wrong.

And I don’t care.

20+ inches GONE! (Donated to Locks of Love)
20+ inches GONE! (Donated to Locks of Love)



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Obstacle Course Racer. Business Owner. Parent and Ordinary Person. Learning to slow down & embrace the wild.

13 thoughts on “How the media tells us we are wrong

  1. last year I raised funds and cut off 26″ of hair and had my head shaved bald, for the Kid’s Cancer Buzz off. I raised funds and did it again, this year! I will continue to do it every June at their event!

  2. That’s awesome Cathy! Definitely courageous and inspiring! (If you’re on Facebook definitely post a link on my page or send it to me and I’ll help spread the word.)


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