6 Steps to Living Wholeheartedly



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Do you listen to your inner voice? What is it telling you? Sometimes it isn’t a voice at all, but a feeling. If you are feeling deeply happy, giddy, at peace, or even just sleeping better – chances are you are on the right track. Look at the things in your life that make you hesitate, fill you with dread, or keeps your stomach in a knot. Why are you feeling the way you do? Assess if it’s something you should keep in your life and maybe consider letting it (or the reason you feel that way) go.



Tyreke White/Creative Commons

I’ve said it before. Other’s thoughts are none of your business. Throw away any worries about what people will think. Generally, almost every decision has some level of “what will people say” attached to it and that serves a purpose. We are actually gauging how crazy our idea is, trying on if what we’re doing is “right” by society standards, and how we should respond when questioned about it. This also applies to negative self talk that says you should be doing something else or asks “who do you think you are?” If you are feeling called to do something you are meant to do – you absolutely must step out of your comfort zone and go for it.



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Love yourself enough to practice self-care – just like you would caring for your best friend. We all have needs and acknowledging them is NOT selfish.  Just like drinking water is not selfish when you’re thirsty.  If you’re a parent, consider this: By taking care of yourself, you will be taking care of your children. Not only will you have more to give to them – you will be teaching them to care for themselves. Our batteries get low so do what’s necessary to charge your battery. Work hard at keeping yourself balanced.  Meditate, practice yoga, go for a run, volunteer, or even spending an hour staring at the wall will suffice. Take no prisoners and fight to stay healthy and fulfilled. Yes, that includes eating right too.



Amber Robidoux

To me, art can be anything. If you are doing it creatively it’s art. Singing in the shower is art. Whatever your “art” is do it with flair, do it with whatever makes you YOU. When I started this blog, I hadn’t picked up a paint brush in years. Wholehearted Artist had nothing to do with painting. From where I’m standing, anyone trying to live a wholehearted life is an artist. It requires crafting and, for some of us, making something out of nothing. Designing your life to suit what fits you best totally warrants artist-status. It doesn’t matter if you paint, sew, write, fold sheets, wait tables, or throw rocks in the river… if you are doing what you love – you are an artist.


Kayaking sunset

Luz Miosotys Ortiz/Creative Commons

Get out there and move that body! Too often we are wrapped up in our minds. We are constantly thinking. Will we make a deadline, what to cook for dinner, what we should do, does any of this matter… We worry about performance, schedules, and money.  Hanging out (too much) in our minds leads to forgetting we have a body. Whenever I’m super stressed, I need to go for a run (or kick some inanimate object). Sometimes it takes me awhile to figure this out. Once i do, I remind myself to get out there and I’m instantly grateful. Running gives me a chance to feel again. So move that body – take salsa lessons (the kind without tortilla chips), play your favorite sport, exercise, chase your partner, wrestle your kids… do something physical and I promise, you won’t regret it.


Mama told me there would be days like these, Gratitude 7/30

Kathy~/Creative Commons

Really. Appreciate every moment you’ve got. Pause and take in the beauty around you and the things you would be lost without. Savor simple things – like air in your lungs. (Deep breath.) Notice how these tiny things impact your life. Don’t waste any more time feeling stuck. At the end of this road, you’ll wish you had taken the opportunities you tricked yourself into not seeing. Practice gratitude for every-stinkin’-thing you’ve got – and even the things you don’t got.


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