Guest Post: This Yogi is Not a Blogger

This guest post is written by Jo Ann Laliberte, RYT 500. She is a yogi and yoga teacher at Guru Ram Das Ashram in Millis, MA, Hockomock Area YMCA in Franklin and North Attleboro, MA and Tranquil Souls Yoga in Franklin, MA.  Contact her at

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In the story of our life – by the time we get to the second chapter, the first chapter no longer serves us – but we still hang on to that very first page even though we have long since outgrown each adjective.

The most useful piece of learning as we progress through our journey of life is to unlearn that which is no longer true. 

I grew up admiring athletes, dancers, writers and singers. I imagine we all admire the qualities in others, we feel we were born without..or let me rephrase that…we are led to believe we are born without. I grew up believing I wasn’t very coordinated so dancing and sports weren’t natural feeling activities I gravitated toward.  I was shy and not good at expressing myself, so writing wasn’t easy or fluid for me.  It has been a never-ending joke in my family that I have a “tin ear” when it came to singing. I have even been asked to sing quiet at b-day parties because I had the family “voice”.

Those qualities became part of my belief, the fabric of my life and I accepted them as part of my truth/my personal story…..It’s funny how we form opinions of our self and believe them to be our truth even as life changes and unfolds.

For instance, when I was young I loved the way athletes had control over their sport, with such fluidity and freedom in their body when they moved.  They seemed to be so confident.

I was a bit chubby as a kid and didn’t run fast or quick and wasn’t ever picked first when selecting teams in school.  I was told I wasn’t an athlete and that sports might not be my thing.  I grew up believing that. Fast forward a few decades to a time when I spent a lot of time walking.  A friend told me one day “if you can walk…you can certainly run – I know you can”. It only took that little encouragement and I began to run…I ran a 5k, a 10k…1/2 marathons and 2 full marathons.  One day a group of co-workers were chatting and one asked how long I had been an athlete.  I thought she was talking to someone else…couldn’t have been me – after all, I’m not an athlete!

There were a lot of “ah-ha” moments reflected on during that time of my life…

  • We often grow up with a belief system that was instilled in us by other people and circumstances.  Taking time to sit quietly with our belief system, to question what is true today and what is no longer true from yesterday is a powerful way to grow and move forward.
  • Stereotypes and preconceived notions very often hold little truth.  I realize not that athletes probably have no more control over their sport than any of us have over our lives…and what looks to us like “freedom” in their body may very well be a daily stress to “keep up”.
  • Personal growth happens when we can shed our story, question our current beliefs and focus on the truth in our hearts – we are truly quite amazing creatures!
  • The journey of each race held so much more than the goal itself…Just as in life.  If we are always focused on the end result, we miss the opportunities to feel the magic in the small moments along the way.

The other day I was a student in a yoga class and the teacher commented that I moved like a ballerina…It made me pause and think maybe it’s time to develop that hidden desire to dance.  Hummm…maybe clumsy is no long my truth!   You never know – singing lessons might be next and I’ll rock Happy Birthday at the next party!

When I was asked to be a guest blogger, my first reaction was “no, I’m not a blogger – I can’t write”.  Well, guess what?  I just finished my first blog!

What is your truth today and what no longer serves you?

Namaste, Jo Ann


Photo credit: Creative Commons/Iyn Tally

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Obstacle Course Racer. Business Owner. Parent and Ordinary Person. Learning to slow down & embrace the wild.

8 thoughts on “Guest Post: This Yogi is Not a Blogger

  1. Thank you, sweet Ballerina for your words of truth and inspiration! Continue to shine and know you are so much more than “your story”. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Who would have thought, since I’ve know you, I’ve only observed grace. Your blog gives me perspective and holds hope for me. 🙂


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