How can one be thankful for a power outage?

10422953_10154855263185641_8930075260638354099_n[This post was written on Thanksgiving day – with 39% battery left – and as I’m setting it up to publish, I’ve added some notes in brackets. Enjoy!]

As with everything, timing is where it’s at. 

This Thanksgiving we spent at home with no family. My husband was shipped out for storm work and the kids an I were without power for quite a while. Did I mention our home is ALL electric? Yeah. That means no heat. And since we just moved here we have limited things, like a snowblower or plow. The kids have no access to phones, TV, computer, or Kindle. [I was charging my phone with my laptop battery.]

At first glance, this sounds awful. It sounds like, the worst possible way to spend a holiday. But in reality, it’s quite fitting. It’s Thanksgiving and we have LOTS to be thankful for. 

First, we did spend time with family. Our little family brings me so much joy. My husband did get the chance to come home and sleep for four hours (while I write this) and he’s doing a great thing by helping people restore their power. Also, the extra money will help with Christmas.

Our home is all-electric, but we were smart to get our wood stove hooked up LAST weekend. So, we have heat. We also have generous neighbors that offer to snow blow the driveway and not expect anything in return. I’ve been shoveling anyway, because this driveway is a breeze and the workout is free. We have also have three options for turkey dinner. Not sure what we’ll do, I don’t want to impose and change the dynamic of another family’s holiday but the community has a great dinner that all are welcome. Or we just may do the carpet picnic thing and sandwich it. [It ended up being McD’s, but come Friday I made a gorgeous turkey dinner that the kids actually ate and the hubby was able to enjoy as well.]

The lack of technology has been interesting. When my son reached his point of “Uhg! I just want to do something (insert learning app, game, video here)!” it gave me the opportunity to realize and explain just how perfect it is we don’t have any electricity on Thanksgiving. [That didn’t stop us from cheering when it did finally come back on. But reflection instead of negativity can be a powerful thing.]

Thanksgiving isn’t about all the things we do daily that have no meaning and essentially take for granted. Sure, it’s not an intentional “taken for granted” but it happens when go about our lives not paying attention.

I remember, as a kid, getting excited when there was talk of a storm coming in. I secretly prayed we’d lose power because I couldn’t wait to play cards by candle light and layer up with sweatshirts. One year, we lost power and had to stay warm by the just ran dishwasher. I loved every minute. To me, it was an adventure. It was a chance to be creative and the opportunity to try my hand at “survival,” even though we were never in any real danger. 

Being snowed in without power on Thanksgiving is a pretty awesome thing. It allows you to reflect on the things that matter most and acknowledge how terrible things can really be. We are warm, there’s food in the house, and I am surrounded by the ones I love. Can’t get any better than that.


Photo credit: ME! My first turkey came out wonderfully. When I said to the kids, “Look what I made. And I didn’t burn it or myself!” The little guy replied, “I’m impressed, Mom.” 


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