Fresh, wide open air is a gift.


The quiet has been deafening around here, huh? I’ve seriously missed writing and I’m working on my schedule to allow for regular posts again. My apologies for the silence on this blog and if you aren’t connected with me on Facebook with me, you’ve really been missing out. New art, in progress photos, and conversation has been happening without you. And that makes me sad.*

Life has been moving along at a steady clip these last few weeks and I’ve allowed (and welcomed) the ride. I’ve tossed my head back and let the wind blow through my hair (more figuratively these days).

We are really settling in to our new home and the community. Many, many hours have been spent outdoors, even in below freezing temps, and (I’m not sorry to say) the wind-burn and frozen noses is highly satisfying. It’s the kind of cold that clears your lungs, freezes your nose hairs, and makes you feel like you’ve worked out. I fall into bed feeling spent and blissfully refreshed. It’s nice.

I’ll admit, this move has softened me. It probably wasn’t outwardly obvious (or maybe it was) but, there were times I carried a weight. It was heavy and ran deep. It felt like someone poured cement in my heart. And the deepest parts of me was an anchor around my neck. I was exhausted from carrying it around. Our decision to move has dramatically changed our lives. We kicked that door right off the hinges and let in the light.

It might be corny (I’m not worried), but in this case, I got more than a new home. I got calm, patience, and fresh air. I’m that much closer to wholeheartedness.

I’ve been having moments where my behavior has been totally out of character. I’ve been chatting up random strangers and smiling more than I have in a long time. When witnessing one of these moments, my husband gave me a suspicious look, laughed, and said, “who are you?”

And the only thing I could do was reply, “I am who I use to be.”


*If Facebook isn’t in your realm of coziness, that’s cool. Connect here. Comments and emails always welcome.


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Obstacle Course Racer. Business Owner. Parent and Ordinary Person. Learning to slow down & embrace the wild.


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