Daily Paintings are on the horizon!


How cool would it be to get an original painting for a $1? $2? Granted they won’t be large pieces as I still have to function out in the world and my kids need to be fed from time to time. At least they tell that would be nice.

I’m talking about mini paintings. The kind you could keep in your car, on your desk, or displayed on a shelf somewhere. (Actually, I would be concerned about extreme heat in a car so let’s leave that idea out.)

I’m still planning the details of this project, but be assured I have no less than 100 mini canvas panels waiting to have love splashed on their surfaces. And they will need good homes when all is said and done. Maybe they could go home with you!

I’ll be sending out an email in a week or two (maybe sooner – once I get the itch there is no waiting) and all the details will be included. In the meantime, forward this post to a friend and tell them to sign up for my mailing list (make sure you sign up if you’re not already there), so they can get on board too. Paintings will be released daily, by email first, so you’ll be ahead of what’s happening on Facebook and other social channels.

Stay tuned, my friends. More details to come!


PS: Be patient with me while I get back on track with blogging and revamping my website. Works in progress all over the place!

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Obstacle Course Racer. Business Owner. Parent and Ordinary Person. Learning to slow down & embrace the wild.


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