Introducing: Skylar

If you’ve been hanging out with me here or on Facebook, you may know that we recently had to put our 11-year-old pup, Chewy, down. It was so unexpected and sudden, it took my breath away. The whole experience was crippling.

After a week, I took to Petfinder to search for his old rescue ad, holding out hope that maybe someone forgot to take his photo and information down.  No such luck.

Instead: I found Skylar. 

He’s a husky/shepherd mix, just like Chewy, and was available for adoption. Of course, what drew me to him was his appearance. A spitting image of Chewy. Then I watched a few videos of him and it was all over.

His mannerisms were spot on. In a room of 15-20 dogs, he wasn’t too puppy and his antics were adorable.

Before we knew it, we were planning a camping trip five hours away and packing up the van. We discussed that Skylar was not Chewy’s replacement, to which my son replied, “no, replacing him would be if we called him Chewy, too.”


Can’t argue with logic.

It didn’t take us long to know he belonged with us. At 2 years old, he was the perfect match. And our 12-year-old dog, Kiko, was appreciative to NOT have a brand new puppy all up in his face, too.

In less than 24 hours, we had him walking on a leash (which he wasn’t a fan of), riding a boat, and sleeping in a tent. It was odd how quickly he blended into our little family. It made the transition that much easier since I was still carrying some grief and a side guilt to go along with it.

For the first few days, all I could think of was Chewy. How much he looked like him. How much he behaved like him. How much shepherd was in him. But time wore that away and I began to see Sky for who he really was.

A total red-headed husky.

He’s such a ball of energy and a complete snuggle bug. Within a few hours of owning him, he was glued to my side. It amazed me at how well he did with the kids, right out of the gate.

Also, he’s a total pillow stealer.

Sky transitioned to our home very quickly. It’s been a week and he’s already getting down the basic commands, settling into routines, and participating in shenanigans.

He’s doted on and growled at (by Kiko) and learning his place in our family dynamics.

Our nightly walks have improved by leaps and bounds… or should I say there’s LESS leaps and bounds?

He has been a perfect gentleman in every way.

(Except maybe his ferreting/late night partying tendencies.)

It’s been an interesting ride this summer. I am so grateful to the woman who saved Skylar (literally on the day he was scheduled to be put down) and brought him back to health.

I contemplated sharing some of his “before” photos, but they are just so heartbreaking and we’ve had enough heartbreak around here. Instead, I see this as such a happy turnaround for two very undesirable situations.

Where one dog found his wings, another landed himself in a butterfly headband with wings of his own. 

Welcome home, buddy.



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5 thoughts on “Introducing: Skylar

  1. I am in LOVE with Skylar. I am in LOVE with you and I am truly in LOVE with this story.


    Thank you for sharing .


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