100 Paintings in 100 Days!

                 What’s on the easel now: Commission piece in progress.

I have received lots of feedback about the daily drawings I was posting on Facebook.

I have heard quite a bit about how they are inspiring some of you to keep daily sketchbooks and journals on your own. I’m so proud of you guys. Please keep at it! (And post some of your art on my page, if it moves you.)

I have also heard that my daily posts are missed. Honestly, I miss them too.

I miss that push to create every day. No matter what the final result was – and it’s true, not every drawing was stellar.  But I did have some sketches turn out way better than I ever imagined. Drawings that wouldn’t exist if I didn’t have that challenge to nudge me forward.

So, I’m back at it. 

Each day for 100 Days I will be painting (and posting) a daily piece of art. What better way to improve my craft and see what turns up?

Hold onto your hats folks, this project is going to be a fun one. 

The Details:

Starting September 13th, I am going to paint one painting each day for 100 days.

I’ve got plenty of paintings (mine and other artists) hanging around and there is NO way I can keep 100 more paintings in my house without finding myself in hot water… so, these babies will be looking for new homes.

Here’s the cool part: Prices. On September 13th, the first day’s painting will go for $1. Day two (Sept 14th), the painting will be $2. Day three will be $3… and so on. Each day the price will go up a dollar until Day 100 when that painting will be, yep, $100.

Here’s where it gets interesting: I’m offering my mailing list followers the option to purchase them first. (Don’t miss out. Sign up here. And tell the people you like.) I will send out an email first thing each morning, by 9AM Eastern Time with an image, pricing and other details. That is your chance to grab it.

Each evening, the painting will be posted to the blog and other social media outlets. It’s all fair game after that. So, if something catches your eye, make sure you snap it up quick. The first one to get to it will be the winner. 

This is the perfect opportunity to purchase an original painting on the cheap.* 

For me, this is the most involved challenge to date. Committing to paint something every. single. day. for a 100 days feels a little nuts. I’m up for it, are you prepared for the ride? I’m a little nervous and a lot excited. I can’t wait to get started.

See you on the 13th!


*FYI: Just so there are no surprises, there is a small shipping fee to offset mailing and supply costs. 

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Obstacle Course Racer. Business Owner. Parent and Ordinary Person. Learning to slow down & embrace the wild.

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