Day 48: Unicorn

Unicorn. Such a magical creature. My favorite as a child. The Last Unicorn was my favorite movie. Dragons & Unicorns was my favorite book. My room had unicorn posters and knick-knacks all over. I use to imagine one was running next to my bus when I was bored.

I’m not exactly sure what was so attractive about unicorns as a kid… could be that it was part real and part imaginary.

Part nature and part dream.

Even now, I have a deck of cards featuring unicorns with gold leaf wrapped around its edges. Why not?

There’s nothing wrong with holding a little magic now and then.

Day 48

8×10 Acrylic on canvas panel. $48.  SOLD

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Also: I will be mailing all sold paintings every Friday.

If you’d like to keep a “running tab” of your paintings, make sure your first purchase is with shipping and any subsequent purchase is a “pick up” (aka: free shipping). Then on Friday, I will seal up your package and ship them together.

If I know you personally, I can hold items for you. After your “pick up” purchase, please send me an email so we can arrange a time to get your item(s) to you.

Thank you!

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Obstacle Course Racer. Business Owner. Parent and Ordinary Person. Learning to slow down & embrace the wild.


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