Day 52: Whale Tail

Expectations. How can we know what to expect out of someone? How can we know what to expect out of ourselves?

What’s interesting about this piece is that when I googled “whale’s tail” I was flooded with images of women in their thongs. Thankfully, the majority was actual whales and the rest was, well, the rest.

When I cast my net for image references, I think I said out loud, “these are my options?” (Trust me, I do a lot of jabbering in my art dungeon.)

But it got me thinking though. How many of these women decided this was good fashion sense and how many used it as a way of getting attention or did it because they think this is what it takes to be noticed?

More and more we hear about Girl Power and strong women are surfacing all over the place. This makes me happy.

When I was young, I was called a feminist (like it was a bad thing) before I even knew what one was. How about I was just being me?

Still, we have stereotypes floating around. Especially in the realm of stay-at-home moms. Since we don’t have a 9 to 5 job, that must mean we either a) do nothing all day or b) should be expected to do it all. And look damn hot while doing it.

My all time favorite question: “So do you just stay home?” (answer omitted to protect the innocent.)

Without spiraling off into a tangent. Let me just say, I take issue with that. And I’ll leave that right there.

Day 52

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