Day 58: Four Hearts

It’s time to start pushing my limits. I’ve reached a point where completing an entire painting in one day that is a “perfect little painting” is becoming difficult. We will be going up to 9×12’s next and I’m a little nervous about how it will all pan out.

To this point, I’ve been thinking of you, dear reader. I’ve been thinking about what you would like to see, what inspires and what is appealing to the eye. Now, I’m starting to feel the pressure to perform and to put something out there that someone will like. I am aware, this is a totally self-inflicted expectation.

To this point, I’ve been experimenting with different techniques and subject matter, but I’m still trying to find my style. My voice. Those who know me, understand what a struggle this is. How do I choose one subject matter, technique, or medium? That’s so… limiting.

The point is to be creative every day. So, fully leaning into nervousness and fear, let’s move forward. We are on the downward slope of this project, so I plan on putting the remainder of this challenge to good use.

In future days, you may find my work taking a different turn. It may become looser. It may be of something random. It may suck. It may not. My intention is more fluidity. I’m shooting for less rules. And more intuition. Intuitive painting.

My days are very fragmented with running around and what *feels* like constant catch up. It can be very chaotic. One thing has been constant; throughout this challenge I have looked forward to time in the studio. I want to keep that going. I’m going to drop the fear and “need to perform” and trade it in for quiet, uninterrupted studio time. What happens, happens.

Day 58

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Obstacle Course Racer. Business Owner. Parent and Ordinary Person. Learning to slow down & embrace the wild.

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