Day 60: Brave

Broke the rules today! Released this blog post early. It’s Day 60, it’s for a good cause… and, because I can. 🙂 

Happy Veteran’s Day! Home of the free… because of the Brave. 

Recently, someone referred to me as being brave. Sure, painting 100 days in a row is a form of bravery and I appreciate the kind words. But I don’t see myself as brave.

Over a decade ago, I was *this* close to going Marines. I am certain I would’ve had the mental and physical strength required of me, but looking back, I realize I made the right choice. I’m not sure I would’ve had the guts (or bravery) to get through it. Life would have been hell.

And I am thankful I had the choice.

It takes some brass ones to sign up for a gig like that and there are people doing it willingly. And their families sacrifice too. In my experience, saying good-bye to a loved one, not knowing if you’ll see them again, is one of those hard things in life.

While there are tons of people acknowledging our service men and women for what they do – FAR too many take it for granted. I’ve seen too many people forcing tossing their opinions around and, yes, causes are important, but why not support the people who give you the right to say whatever the hell you want?

As my way to say thank you to our vets, once this painting sells the money will be donated to Ironstone Farm, a Massachusetts equestrian facility and organization that offers a program for Veterans coping with post-traumatic stress and anxiety.

(Be sure, to check out the video there too. It’s amazing.)

Day 60

9×12 Acrylic on canvas panel. $60. SOLD + DONATED

I’m hoping to make the donation today, so please share and spread the word. Thanks!

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