Day 75: Give Thanks + A Request

Maybe it’s the late hour (since I prep everything the evening before paintings are released), but I’m feeling a little sentimental.

My heart swells with gratitude for my family and close friends. I know I’ve mentioned before that this project would NEVER have happened if it weren’t for my husband. He’s been wrangling kids like nobody’s business since this whole thing started. He has really been the backbone of this whole operation.  (Thanks, hun!)

Truth be told, part of me is saddened by the distance of some family members. The gaps that have formed between them and the lack of understanding, compassion, and forgiveness. Some are aching and others ignore.  It plays out the same every time. Luckily, I have come to accept things as they are – but not everyone has or is capable of doing that.

This stuff doesn’t usually surface around Thanksgiving (it’s usually Christmas), but maybe the silver lining is having gratitude for the people who are here. Right now. The ones who show up when you need them. The ones who call because they know you are sick. Or that it’s your birthday. Or to check-in since they know you’ve committed to walking x times a week.

That’s the good stuff. And I’m going to hold onto it.

Day 75

12×12 Acrylic on canvas panel. $75.   SOLD

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A Request:

Today is day 75. (what?) And a few days ago I mentioned a feedback form about this project… can you fill it out for me? It’ll only take a few minutes and it’ll be the perfect thing to do in between stuffing your face and passing out on the couch.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Don’t Forget:

The Gratitude Sale is going on right now. Use GRATITUDE30 at checkout to save 30%. Offer good through November 30th (while paintings last).


I really hope you have a fabulous holiday. Hug your loved ones close. Carve that turkey and carve out some time for yourself as well! Happy Thanksgiving!

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