Day 1 | 100 Days of Self Care

IMG_9185The beginning. It all starts here. I’m telling you guys, if there is ANYTHING in your life you want to change – make a plan and commit to 100 Days. Amazing things happen. Oddly, the amazing things that happen aren’t so grand and elaborate on the outside. It’s that stuff you can’t see that I’m talking about.

I hadn’t intended on doing another 100 day project for a while. I mean, I just ended one December 21st. What’s interesting is January 1st, I blurted out to my husband, “I want to do a 100 day project to take care of myself.” It came out fast and sudden.

And there it was.

Sure, I had considered what other projects I would do. I had lots of inquiries about “what now?” as I was wrapping up my 100 Paintings in 100 Days challenge. I started that project because I wanted to be a better painter. So I got to thinking about the other things I wanted to improve upon. Yoga came up. Drawing did too. But that’s where I left it.

After my “Grand Blurt,” I realized I’m not dictating how these challenges go. The same thing happened with the paintings. I was toying with the idea and what it would entail, until one day I woke up and thought, “I need to do this. Now.” I’m sort of following my gut on these projects and I really think that’s what I need to do. I plan and do all the time – but these projects present themselves and I have to listen.

It’s always interesting to see where they lead.

As I start this, my goals are pretty simple. Get back in my body. Slow the heck down. Get my knee function back. Get my legs and lungs back so I can work toward playing soccer again. Weight loss would be cool too. (FYI: Took all my measurements last night, just in case I want to compare at the end of this, however that isn’t the goal so I won’t be looking at them for at least 100 days.)


Today’s Self Care Stats

Accomplished: Started the day with a brief journal session and my favorite scented candle. And hot cider in my favorite mug. Applied heat, massage, and stretched my legs as part of knee rehab. Walked a mile with the huskies in tow.

How I felt: I had to work through some eagerness to “accomplish the self-care,” but the goal here is slow and steady. I want these habits to stick and overloading the first day isn’t helpful.

Take away point: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.



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