Day 3 | 100 Days of Self Care


It’s been an ongoing thing for the last few years. I had an episode a while back, which eventually landed me in a physical therapy office.

Long story short, my cervical joints don’t move like they should and my neck muscles are extremely tight with limited movement. PT helps, but I have found that laying on a tennis ball (“ball rolling”) is, by far, the best therapy.

It’s been over a year since I put that tennis ball to use.

Not surprisingly, symptoms started creeping back in. Limited range of motion of the neck. Tight neck muscles preventing me from turning my head to the left without immediate pressure. Yep. I think it is about time I get back to being able to zip my daughter’s coat without getting dizzy.


Today’s Self Care Stats

Accomplished: Knee stretches, exercises. Walked 1 mile. Ball rolling. Child’s pose.

How I felt: A little frustrated at the husky shenanigans during quiet activities like ball rolling and child’s pose, but had some releases in the spine which is oh-so-good.

Take away point: Identify barriers and prepare to go toe to toe with them when they show up.



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