Day 9 | 100 Days of Self Care


I had Mac ‘n Cheese today. It might have been a whole box (Kraft!). And it might have been shaped like Darth Vader (Shapes!).

Clearly there are a few things at play here. I haven’t had it in awhile. The kids weren’t home (they always want the shapes!). And we only had one box (clearly enough for just one person).

Plus I deserved it. Right?

Excuses. Excuses.

When I think about self care and food I think of it in two categories. Food that nourishes your body. And food that is pleasurable.

Mac ‘n Cheese was neither.

The only criteria Mac ‘n Cheese met today was it was warm, salty, and I was hungry. Hardly good enough reasons. Ice cream cake on by birthday? Now that was a good enough reason. Not because it was my birthday, but because I really wanted a piece and I savored each bite. Not everything I put in my mouth is like that.

What if I asked myself first:

  • Is this healthy?
  • Should I eat this?
  • What will I feel like later?

It’ll probably be a pain in the ass to ask myself loads of questions EVERY time I eat something, but I’ve gained some awareness around this. What if I just asked, “why do I want to eat this?” That would probably reveal the answer pretty quickly if I should eat it or not.


Today’s Self Care Stats:


  • Knee exercises and stretches
  • Had a healthy breakfast
  • Took the kids to open swim
  • Drank some water (not near what I need but it’s a start) – no. not pool water either.
  • 2 Sun salutations

How I felt

Bathing suits are not my thing. When you’re overweight, they have the ability to take away a little bit of the fun.

Take away point

When a bathing suit tries to interfere in your journey and take away your fun, tell it to relax and have a seat. This shit’s temporary and have fun anyway.




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