Day 18 | 100 Days of Self Care

IMG_9289“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.  – Etty Hillesum


Today’s Self Care Stats:


  • Started my day with a green shake
  • Gratitude awareness
  • Worked on a painting while waiting for software to update
  • Invested in a sink for my studio!
  • Ate more raspberries
  • Knee: stretches and exercises

How I felt

Ok. Been feeling mighty tired lately, but the painting helped shake it up a little. I’ve been missing my studio. (Also, I’m certain there is a reason this challenge feels mighty slow. I just haven’t figured it out yet.)

Take away point

Awareness is huge. Without it, you can’t change anything.




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Obstacle Course Racer. Business Owner. Parent and Ordinary Person. Learning to slow down & embrace the wild.


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