Day 86 | 100 Days of Self Care


IMG_9835They. Are. Here!

These cute little peepers are in their new home. It’ll be an interesting journey, that’s for sure. The thing is I know animals. I’m comfy around dogs, cats and even horses. I understand their body language and I know how to use mine to respond.

I don’t speak bird.

That being said, I was very surprised to see how much personality these little guys have right out of the gate. And I’m quickly learning that the fluffy yellow ones (Buff Orpingtons) are SO sweet and gentle. The redheads (Production Reds) are like little furry race cars that crash into the cute yellow ones and try to peck their beaks.

When the kids carried their boxes home, it turns out, the cute fluffies were in my son’s box. And the reds were in my daughter’s. The irony of this isn’t lost on me.

Today’s Self Care Stats:


  • No breakfast (it’s ok to have a mini fast some mornings – not often but occasionally it’s called for)
  • Sunshine play with the kids
  • Mini watercolor wash session
  • Knee exercises/stretches
  • Ankle exercises
  • Some baby chicken love
  • A touch of inspiring reading
  • Better bedtime than I’ve been doing.

How I felt

Ok. I’ve got to come clean here. I think I’ve mentioned it, but in case it was too brief: I’ve been completely tanking my early/normal bedtimes. I’ve slipped into *my* normal which ranges between 2-3AM. No bueno. I’m feeling the type of exhaustion that leaves a film on my day. It’s not overly obvious, but it’s there.

I’m dialing it back and getting into bed. Like now. It’s 10:51PM. I’m racing 11 o’clock since that seems to be when I get my second wind. (A book will be with me, I would say no promises about sleep, but I usually unwind and pass out relatively quickly if the reading isn’t stimulating enough. *fingers crossed*)

Take away point

Baby chicken love = Good for the soul.



What’s this about?

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Obstacle Course Racer. Business Owner. Parent and Ordinary Person. Learning to slow down & embrace the wild.

2 thoughts on “Day 86 | 100 Days of Self Care

    1. Absolutely. I’m a habitual night owl. Early bedtimes are SO hard. But I’ve been good over the last few weeks (except this one) and I did notice the difference. Sleep is key!


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