AMBER ROBIDOUX is an artist with an entrepreneurial spirit.IMG_8088

She often sets up projects [like 100 Paintings in 100 Days and Orange Graphix] to push the limits and make growth happen. It’s in these challenges that she sees what she can do + simultaneously encourages others to do the same.

Being a multi-passionate person, the right brain / left brain struggle is real. The artistic and the logical. This is why commissioned paintings work so well. Clients bring their vision and ideas [often these paintings are gifts] and she logically has to piece together the desired outcome. [Truth be told, each painting’s outcome often exceeds both expectations. See what clients have to say.]  

With a passion for business, Amber has accumulated “online” clients for over five years. She handles their social media, website maintenance, creates documents, and various other tasks. Sometimes it’s advice and thoughts about how to move forward. Sometimes she’s involved with tackling a project head-on. And sometimes it’s simply a logo. Each client has their needs and she works hard to meet them.

Her experience as a massage therapist has really encouraged her entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic. Fresh out of massage school and into her own office, Amber really learned what it was like to get things done with limited time. This goes hand-in-hand with client confidentiality.  No matter what kind of client you are, even if you’re family or friend, privacy is of utmost importance.

Amber lives with her husband, two kids, and Sky, the husky/shepherd mix who also doubles as her studio assistant. [When he can be bothered to stay awake.]


“Whatever your work is
keep doing it.
Through your doubt,
through your not enough,
keep putting it out there.
Your purpose, your art,
will land in the hearts it’s meant to.
You won’t be for everyone,
but you are for someone.
And to that someone
what you have to give matters.
And that changes everything.”