What I do.

What I do…

I’m what you call multi-passionate.

Also known as a renaissance soulscanner, and to the mis-informed; “scatter brained.” What seems like an inability to make a concrete decision, unable to settle down or is viewed as a disadvantage – is actually quite the opposite.

I am quite capable of making decisions – and another, and another if that suits me. [Translation: I’m willing to try anything and if I’m faced with a dead end, I always find another way.]

By no means am I flakey. I am able to settle down [Yep. Just ask my man of 16 years].

The thing is, I just refuse to settle for mediocre. Change lights me up. It’s all about the learning curve, making progress toward my goals and the people I meet along the way.

I write.

Since my first childhood journal, I’ve loved writing. Currently, I’m writing all over the place.

  • Amber Robidoux – a  personal blog where I reflect on life and finding balance with so many passions.
  • Massage School – a resource for massage therapists, massage students, and massage educators.
  • Massage & Business – a blog written for massage therapists and business owners.
  • Akéne Therapeutics – a blog for my massage clients; both human and horse [owner] clients.
  • In my own private journals – where I can fold pages, glue leaves, and paint the heck out of them.

I tend.

To my kids. To my husband. To my big, fluffy husky dogs. They are what keeps me going and keeps me balanced out.

I play sports.

Basically, any physical activity I can get involved in – I’m there.

  • Soccer – Sweeper is where it’s at. The harder the game the better.
  • Yoga – I might not be super flexible but I try.
  • Softball – Third base is home for me. I’ll settle for any infield, though.
  • Volleyball – Not fantastic but I do OK.
  • Horseshoes – The big backyard kind. No girls’ rules here.
  • Any other game or sport you can imagine.

I sing.

In the shower. In the car. Not very well but it’s good for stress relief. And it’s fun to annoy the kids.

I create.

Nothing makes me happier than getting my hands dirty. Building something from nothing or piecing things together [digitally or not] is like a work of art. Completing something gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

  • I create content. I am the outreach coordinator and studio assistant for Beyond Genocide Centre for Prevention and 20th Century Illuminations.
  • I create content – For private massage therapists and yoga studios, including Massage Business Blueprint. A super idea for massage therapists looking to become more active in their marketing endeavors.
  • I create art and photography – From logos and photographs to paintings and crocheted items… Creativity and I go way back.
  • I create websites [like this one] and organize the heck out of old ones.
  • I create stuff from nothing – I make wire hangers into hooks to reach stuff behind the couch. I build forts with sheets and clothespins. I make peanut butter and fluff sandwiches. I create memories whenever possible.

I give massage.

My massage clients range from people to horses – with a few K-9s in the mix. I give reflexology treatments and provide foot scrubs. I have received my Reiki 1 attunement but have not felt the urge to go further. Yet.

I enjoy.

Joy comes in so many forms and we could be here all day if I tried to list everything that I enjoy so here’s a brief list:

  • Looking at tiny houses and clever bookcases.
  • Day dreaming about real estate and picture myself living there and wondering what life would be like.
  • Watching funny or interesting videos on YouTube and Wimp – and sharing.
  • Anything with a motor… snowmobiling, four-wheeling, jet skiing.
  • I love the quiet of the woods. camping alone, frequent visits to the middle of no where and sitting by the ocean. [Yeah, see how impossible it is to find the ideal residential location?]

I help small businesses.

I help small businesses get their act together online. Whether it’s through reorganizing their website, working their social media or getting their marketing calendar set up. I thrive on the learning curve so if it’s something you need and I don’t have it listed here, ask anyway!

I stay up ridiculously late.

Not all the time [lie] but often enough. I find my peace after everyone else is in bed. When I can paint barefoot, read, and hear myself think. This is when the creativity wells up and the family can wake to a new piece of art – or a completely rearranged living room.


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